Week 9 Brain Strain Task: Wild Weather Adventure

This week you are going to test your knowledge about planet Earth and the weather we experience as inhabitants on this great blue planet.

Access the ‘Wild Weather Adventure’ Game by clicking on the image below (the site will open in a new tab).

You will be able to choose the number of players, the colour of your flying vessel and its name.

Spin the spinner and select ‘GO’ to move forward.

You can choose the difficulty of the questions by selecting ‘EASY’, ‘MEDIUM’ or ‘HARD’. Try ‘EASY’ first.


Comment below to share something interesting you learnt about planet Earth and the weather we experience.

112 thoughts on “Week 9 Brain Strain Task: Wild Weather Adventure

  1. Dear Miss Magaris,
    I learnt that there are lots of different natural disasters on earth. Every natural disaster occurs in different types of weather.
    The game was very fun when you could answer lots of interesting questions and learn new stuff.

  2. I learnt that the moon is 238,855 miles away. I learnt that water covers 70 percent earth’s surface.
    The weather we experience is sometimes bad or good.

  3. Dear 2gm,
    I have learnt that many parts of the world, animals and humans [us] get destroyed or even killed by:
     Hurricanes
     Tornadoes
     Thunderstorms
     Lightning
     Typhoon
     Flooding
     Mud slides
     Dust storms
     Cyclones
     [big] hail storm
     blizzard
     droughts [bushfire]

    I have also learnt about a beautiful natural phenomenon that lights up the sky near poles of the earth. Near North Pole it is called Aurora and near south pole it is called Australis. Auroras are really very colourful as well as very rare to find. The best time to find auroras is mid-august.
    Different types of clouds:
     cirrus
     stratus
     cumulonimbus
     cirrocumulus
     altocumulus
     cumulus
     Altocumulus
     Nimbostratus
     Stratocumulus

    Some interesting facts I learnt were:
     The worst place to stand when there is a thunderstorm is under a tree
     The middle of a tornado is called an eye
     United states have the wildest weather
     The Philippines are close to the north equator
     If you see a cumulonimbus cloud that would mean a thunderstorm is coming

    From DK 2GM

  4. I learnt some of the answer for easy,medium and hard it was quit fun but it was interesting to play some questions were challenging.

  5. HL 2SP
    Dear Miss Peters,
    I learnt that lightning kills more people than hurricanes and tornadoes combined and that on December 21 in the north pole the sun doesn’t rise.

  6. Wow that game was hard and fun!
    I learnt the weather can be really powerful and a bit annoying since it blew me away at certain times
    CS 2GM

  7. I have learned that:
    1. Cloud is made out of air and water
    2. We should stay away from trees when there is a lightning because it always choose the highest point to hit on
    3. Lightning produce thunder sound when the bolt heats the air around it

  8. I learnt so many interesting and fun facts about the weather, the earth and geography.

    I now know that the earth rotates eastward; and that’s why the sun rises in east and sets in the west.

    RV 2SP

  9. I learnt that 70% of all our land is water.What else l learnt is that trade winds happen in equators.
    l also learnt that hot air that is melted and meets cold air can make a tornado.MH

  10. Dear 2LF,
    -I learnt that a tornado happens when hot air meets cold air .
    – Other countries have a higher chance of a hurricane .
    -Earth has more water than land.
    Hope you enjoyed my comment
    AZ 2LF

  11. From the game I learnt that water evaporates from ocean up to the sky, it turns water again when it meets cold air, and if there is colder weather the water drop gets frozen. When it drops down from high, it becomes hail.

  12. I learnt that the auroras is also called the Northern lights or Southern lights that appear in the skies nearest north and south poles.

  13. I have learned that an earthquake is the shaking of the surface of the Earth resulting from a sudden release of energy in the Earth’s lithosphere that creates seismic waves. Bad weather can destroy plants and animals, even human beings.

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